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Zero Discharge Systems
Crystallizers - Overview

Shail Vac’s Vacuum Crystallizers are designed and manufactured as customized products for various process applications We understand the specific requirement of every customer and our engineers work closely with our customers to give them the best solution that exactly meet their requirements. More than one and half decade long experience and dedication of our engineers help us to serve our customers in a very professional way that leaves them with immense satisfaction.

Crystallization is a solid-liquid separation technique in which solid crystals are formed from a liquid solution.Crystallization is therefore an aspect of precipitation, obtained through the variation of the solubility conditions of the solute in the solvent.

The product is pre-concentrated by using a Brine Concentrator, evaporator, or reverse osmosis system. The crystallizer then converts the remaining product to two products:

1 ) Water which is clean enough for reuse in the plant.
2 ) Solids that is easy to and suitable for landfill disposal.

Specific salts can be recovered by employing Crystallizers that can be sold to offset operating costs. Because industrial wastewater often contains mixtures of salts in variable concentrations, the design of an effective crystallizer system requires special expertise. We can customizeyour systemdesign, with a large database of mixed-salt crystallizer installations and decades of operating experience. That means you get a cost-effective andreliablesolution.

The crystallizers are simple to install, generally skid-mounted and fully packaged with all auxiliary equipment and controls. Automated controls and wash systems make the equipment easy to operate. Systems use mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) technology to recycle the steam vapor, minimizing energy consumption and costs.

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