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Ejectors - Advantages

Shail Vac has been supplying vacuum systems whole over the globe with zero maintenance and minimum running costs since last 15 years. . Known for its proven technology and best services, Shail Vac has supplied more than 2000 vacuum systems both in national market and international market till date. With the advancement in technology and company infrastructure, Shail Vac has become a leading name in the market today. Our dedicated team of engineers synchronise with our customers so that you experience the best after sales services within no time.

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  • Shail Vac's Ejectors are more reliable and requires less attention and maintenance.
  • Steam Jet ejectors are work horses.
  • They are simple in construction and achieve very low vacuum levels.
  • They can be operated unattended and offer exceptionally long service life.
  • Flexibility of design.
  • Low design vacuum is possible with the help of Steam Jet Ejectors.
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