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Air Pollution Control Systems
High Energy Venturi Scrubbers - Overview

Shail Vac’s Scrubbers are uniquely designed and engineered to handle different gases and pollutants. Our Air Pollution Control Systems have continuously stood up to customer’s expectations since more than over a decade, delivering extra ordinary results in reducing the AIR POLLUTION. We highly appreciate the Continuous efforts of our engineers towards serving our environment and in improving our GREEN technology. Our modern testing equipments help us in carrying out routine tests, so that our customers get an upgraded and trustworthy range of Venturi Scrubbers.

High-energy venturi scrubbers are designed for the removal of sub-micron particles, fumes, mists and fine particulates from residue gases, volatile, hazardous or corrosive gas streams or gas streams containing solid materials that are difficult to handle.

A high velocity gas stream with large amount of energy is used to atomize the liquid stream. Jet Venturi scrubbers or similar systems are ineffective to collect smaller particles due to high amount of energy required, while High energy scrubbers are particularly well suited for such applications. High Energy Venturi Scrubber gives long life time with little or no maintenance, as the scrubber is designed to have no moving parts.

High-energyventuri scrubber is one of the well-known methods for removing fine dust particles from industrial air streams. They are employed for removal of particulates, SOx, HCL, and organic acids.They have the advantage of no plugging tendency, and no packing, and can be designed to handle high temperature gases well above 1,200 °F.

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In a High Energy Venturi Scrubber, gas stream with high velocity and energy is used to atomize the liquid stream.  The liquid is introduced through the spray nozzles.The use of spray nozzles allows the Venturi scrubber to be installed horizontally as well as in the conventional vertical position. There occurs extreme turbulence in the Venturi throat, which along with high atomization of liquid give this scrubber enormous ability to scrub sub-micron particles.The gas from the Venturi section is then generally discharged into a cyclonic separator where the liquid is separated from the gas, so that liquid can be recycled again.The efficiency of this type of scrubbers depends upon the gas velocity in the throat and liquid to gas ratio.

A Venturi Scrubber can basically be fabricated with fixed throat design or with a variable throat design. The fixed throat design is used for a specific gas flow while variable throat design can be employed for various operating conditions. But due to lower initial cost, fixed throat design is more preferable wherever possible.

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