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Packed Towers - Overview

Shail Vac’s Packed tower scrubber is one of the most effective pollutant remover device used in industries. The packed tower works on the counter-flow principle: the gas or air-stream travels upwards through the tower, which meets the scrubber liquid - which flows downwards - on its way.In packed tower scrubbers, liquid is sprayed or poured over packing materialcontained between support trays. A liquid film coats the packing through which the exhaust gas stream is forced. Pollutants are collected as they pass through the packing, contacting the liquid film. Therefore, both gas and liquid phases provide energy for the gas-liquid contact.

In operation, scrubbing liquid enters the tower through a nozzle and is sprayed uniformly across the top of a packed bed so that it diffuses evenly through the packing material from top to bottom without channeling. Gas enters the tower from the bottom and passes through the support plate into the packed bed, counter current to the flow of the scrubbing liquid, contaminants are removed. After passing through the packed bed, the cleaned gas passes through a mist eliminator section near the top of the tower. Here, any entrained liquid is removed before the clean air is discharged through the outlet.

The performance and efficiency of a packed tower scrubber is generally dependent upon the following factors :

  • The packing surface area over which gas/liquid transfer will occur.
  • The even distribution of the scrubbing liquor throughout thepacking.
  • Gas velocity through the packed bed.
  • The liquor flow rate through the packed bed.

Base section or Sump, Packed bed section, Upper section and Packing are the main components as well as focus of designing to make packed tower efficient.

The selection of packing should be such that it minimizes the pressure drop while maintaining a high surface area. The type of packing will vary with temperature, pressure, gas concentration and efficiency requirement.

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