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Steam Jet Refrigeration Systems - Overview

At Shail Vac, we take a stand to enhance our customers' satisfaction, which allows us to improve continuously to meet our customers’ most challenging application needs. Shail Vac’s Customer First Commitment drives our every project. From inception to completion, our sales staff works closely with our customers to provide expertise and thorough insight to ensure complete project success.

Steam Jet Refrigeration works on the principle of liquids flashing under vacuum in a chamber. Steam is passed through a vacuum ejector to create the designed vacuum in the closed and separated vessel.The boiling point of the liquids comes down drastically in presence of vacuum.

For each given pressure, water has a corresponding boiling point or temperature of vaporization. For instance, at 114.7 psia pressure, water will vaporize at 170 °C. At atmospheric pressure i.e. at 14.7 psia, water will vaporize at 100 °C and when contained in a vessel and subjected to a vacuum of 0.1475 psia (7.6 Torr), water will vaporize at 7.2 °C.

Hence, the steam vacuum refrigeration unit produces a pre-determined vacuum that corresponds to the chilled water temperature required, and thus flashes off water vapour until the balance of the water that does not flash is chilled to this required temperature.
Each pound of water that changes its state and flashes into a vapour takes with it heat approximately equal to 1068 btu. Therefore, if we flash off 11.25 lbs/hr of water, we have extracted 12,000 btu/hr, or one ton of refrigeration.

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High pressure steam is supplied to the steam ejector from the boiler and it is expanded. Here, the water vapor originated from the flash chamber is entrained with the high velocity steam jet and it is further compressed in the thermo compressor.

In the steam jet refrigeration system, the pressure inside the chill tank compartments will be reduced by a series of steam jet boosters, to a pressure corresponding to the saturation temperature of the chilled water required and steam jet boosters are sized accordingly to remove the calculated amount of water vapour evaporated for the required tonnage of refrigeration.

The booster compresses the vapour by the help of a motivating steam to the desired discharge pressure, where it can be easily condensed in the direct contact type condenser with 32 °C cooling water. The non-condensable gases dissolved in the chilled water and system air leakages, are handled by the vent group ejectors. The condensate is usually returned to the boiler. Generally, 1% evaporation of water in the flash chamber is sufficient to decrease the temperature of chilled water to 60°C.

The chilled water in the flash chamber is circulated by a pump to the point of application. The warm water from the load is returned to the flash chamber. The water is sprayed through the nozzles to provide maximum surface area for cooling.

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