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Steam Jet Refrigeration Systems - Advantages

Shail Vac has expertise the designing and manufacturing of Steam Jet Refrigeration Systems for nearly 15 years. Our engineers work tirelessly to ensure that our products are second to none. Such hard work of our engineers has paid off in creating a brand that is recognised worldwide as the best in class. The combined efforts of our Research and Development personnel and our production engineers have made possible for us to design and manufacture Steam Jet Refrigeration systems with following advantages.

  • Steam jet refrigeration equipment features unequaled reliability since there are no moving parts. Mechanical systems rely on complex high speed reciprocating or centrifugal compressors for operation. Very fine clearance, high speed, requirement of very effective lubrication , wear and tear lead to the requirement for stand by system i.e. simply more capital cost. 
  • Reliability enables steam jet refrigeration systems to be operated and maintained by plant personnel with minimum supervision.
  • The risk of leaking hazardous refrigerant is over come and maintenance cost is very less.
  • Highly corrosive and toxic refrigerants make mechanical and absorption equipment potentially dangerous if they are not properly maintained and operated. Absorption unit's main disadvantage is the difficulty in maintaining “tight” system with the highly corrosive Lithium Bromide and an operating pressure of 5 torr in the absorber and evaporator.
  • Special foundations or mounting structures are not required since steam jet refrigeration system exhibits little or no vibration due to no moving parts. Floor space requirements are typically half of what is required for mechanical or absorption units.
  • Mechanical and absorption refrigeration units require many tubes that are easily fouled and require periodic cleaning; therefore, they are not suitable for locations with hard industrial water. Steam jet refrigeration systems fitted with a barometric condenser, can typically tolerate up to an inch of scale build-up without reducing efficiency. Hard industrial water can be used for the condensers. Our many installations near by the sea, uses directly sea water into the direct contact condenser to cut down the capital cost on cooling towers.
  • Steam jet refrigeration systems do not require complex control equipment; the instrumentation and controls are similar to those used throughout most plants. Mechanical and absorption units require a multiplicity of controls that increase first cost, installation cost and maintenance cost.
  • It is flexible in operation; cooling capacity can be easily and quickly changed.
  • If the refrigeration requirement is for a process plant and must go on for 24 hours a day, then steam jet refrigeration would be the answer. The system does its job smoothly and freely without the constant attention of an operator or multiplicity of controls.
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