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Stripper Column - Overview

Shail Vac Engineers has been designing and manufacturing the stripper columns for various industries since many years. Keeping in mind the minutest details from MOC of the packing to the energy requirement for stripping, we design and manufacture some of the most efficient and low maintenance stripper columns.

Stripper column is specially designed for de-acidification and deodorization of fats and oilsin refining plants.

The pre-treated and heated product flows from the top of the distributor plate either by gravity or under pressure.The product flows down evenly through the structured packing in a thin layer. The column is under vacuum, and when product is exposed to vacuum at high temperature, the volatile substances in the product start evaporating.

Steam is introduced from the bottom of the column, which carries volatile substance out to the vacuum outlet at the top of the column.

When high COD stream is to be evaporated, Stripper column is mandatory for recovery of the SC low boilers and solvents to prevent mixing with cooling water and condensate.

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