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Thermocompressors - Overview

Shail Vac has been exceeding customers’ expectations with world class fabrication and leading technology for past 15 years. We believe in providing our customers the best technology and after sales services. Our engineers make sure that our customers get a very user friendly, absolutely zero maintenance and most effective Thermo-compressors.

Thermo-compressor compresses the low pressure steam to the steam having the higher pressure by reclaiming the heat energy into the low pressure steam, which otherwise would have been wasted.

With increase in the cost of energy and projected shortages of fuel oil feed stocks, there raises an accurate need for the conservation of our present resources. One among the best ways for fuel conservation is reclamation and reuse of valuable heat energy from processing operations.

The working principle of thermo-compressor is similar to an ejector, where the motive steam is passed through the nozzle and low pressure steam is entrained into the suction chamber. Both the steams are then released at an intermediate designed pressure.The mixed flow of both the steam from converging section of the diffuser increases the pressure by decreasing their velocity. Then at some point in the diffuser throat, mixture travel at the speed of sound. Again in the diverging section of the diffuser, as the cross sectional area increases, the speed of the mixture further decreases with increase in the discharge pressure. The net result of the energy transformations in the thermo-compressoris an increase of the absolute pressure of the mixture on discharge to several times the pressure at which it entered the ejector inlet.

Shail Vac can provide savings about 15%-20% of steam consumption in most of the cases. With very wide variety of motive gases and pressures, thermo-compressor offers an unusual degree of flexibility to match with today’s requirements.

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